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It Felt Like Love
Premiere: Friday, April 25 • NR • Drama • 82 min

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IT FELT LIKE LOVE is the debut feature from director and writer Eliza Hittman.  During an uneventful summer on the outskirts of Brooklyn, Lila, a lonely fourteen-year-old from Gravesend, turns her attentions to Sammy, an older thug she sees at Rockaway beach. Wanting something to brag about, she weaves a story about him and becomes fixated on seeing it realized. When her attempts fail, she propels the lie even further, claiming they’ve had sex. During her sexual quest, Lila turns from predator to prey. IT FELT LIKE LOVE captures the confusing emotions and developing identity of an adolescent girl that explores what could euphemistically be called love.

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Alien Abduction
Premiere: Friday, April 25 • NR • Horror • 85 min

Presented by Nightmares on High St.

A vacationing family encounters an alien threat and is based on the real-life Brown Mountain Lights phenomenon.

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Premiere: Friday, April 25 • NR • Horror • 90 min

Presented by Nightmares on High Street.

When Dylan White wakes from an eight month coma he has no memory of his life before the past three years, yet he is haunted by it. As Dylan uncovers the bloody horror of his criminal past, he finds himself in a fight with his former partner (Vinnie Jones), who is now the ringleader of a brutal human trafficking and prostitution ring. As bullets fly and blood spills, Dylan finds himself pitted against the devil in an attempt to free his soul from eternal damnation.

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